Knowing which motor vehicle to drive is just as important as knowing what business vehicle to choose to handle your business affairs. The same applies to your personal affairs as well. Because we know there is no one size fits all when it comes to business and your personal life, registering a company or a trust is sometimes, the first gear to getting your business or family affairs in order, on the road to success.

This website is a platform to assist you in registering your company or trust, with ease and professionalism thus giving you peace of mind. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and further provide a range of additional business and legal services which act as an engine in propelling  your Company or Trust. So if you’re contemplating on registering a company or trust, you are on the right road with us. Looking for direction within the right route?  We have the map!

When you register your company with us, we ensure that company share certificates are issued, your company’s inaugural minuets are in place, as well as providing your company with a compliable security register as required by the company law. Should you require any amendments to your company, for example, a change of company directors or company shareholders, we can do that for you.

Moving from companies to Trust, we would consult with you in obtaining a customized Trust Deed, register your trust for you, and attend to any amendments to the Trust Deed you may require in the future. Peace of mind is what we value.

Feel free to contact us to speak to us in taking you through this journey and getting the wheels in motion.